Early and accurate detection of skin changes through a simple, user-friendly app that utilizes AI technology


Artificial intelligence

SkinChange.AI uses artificial intelligence (AI technology), combining it with smartphones' latest camera technology. Overall, the solution makes it possible to spot even very small changes early, so you and your loved ones get help keeping an eye on your skin's development.

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3 Steps

1. Download


The app can be downloaded from AppStore.

2. Take photos

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The app guides you through the shooting, which is supported by AR (augmented reality) to ensure good quality in the images. 21 templates walk you through photographing most of your skin.

3. Evaluate the AI's results

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Once you have taken 2 pictures of the same skin area, the AI will point out the places where IT has identified the skin to have changed. It could be new marks or moles/marks that have changed or uncritical differences between the two pictures.


"Having had skin cancer myself, I know all too well the associated worries and concerns. On two occasions my cancer was missed by experienced and skilled dermatologists. I realized that this could be avoided with a tool that could provide information about skin changes over time. This inspired me to develop this app."

Brian Vangsgaard

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Early detection of skin cancer improves the prognosis for treatment, and screening can help you in early detection of skin cancer. Depending on e.g. skin type, age, exposure to sunlight, and your family medical history, the recommended time between screenings may vary. We recommend you to seek medical advice for setting up the right intervals for you.

You can find more information about screening and skin cancer at:

www.cancer.gov/types/skin www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/skin-cancer www.cancer.dk/hudkraeft-hudcancer