Our basic functionality is free and you can choose to upgrade to our subscription solution

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As part of our basic functionality you access to:

  • App:- where you can take and compare your photos.
  • Web-portal:- where you can compare your photos on a large screen.
  • Display: - photos side by side for a manual compare (App and web).
  • Share: - pictures with a recipient of your choice, e.g. a dermatologist.
  • Family: You can create up to 6 profiles for your family's regular skin checkup.
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By choosing to subscribe you will get 2 more ways to help you identify potential critical skin changes:

  1. AI analysis of your pictures and markup of changes, which the AI have identified based on the photos you have uploaded
  2. AI adjustment of old photos to fit with new photos and display them by shifting between them

Subscriptions are made in our web-portal.

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Please keep in mind that the app is not capable of making a diagnosis. When used correctly, it can assist you in identifying changes on your skin. However, it's important to note that these changes can be both benign and malignant, and can also be the result of poor photo quality.