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A: As a person, we cannot remember all the small details of our skin. As a person, we cannot remember all the small details of our skin. Unlike a person, a computer can remember what our skin has looked like in the past, right down to the smallest detail. Therefore, a computer has an advantage at identifying changes.

A: Yes, early detection and diagnosis of skin cancer can greatly improve the prognosis and treatment options for the patient. It is important to be aware of changes in the skin and to have them checked by a dermatologist if there is any concern.

Visit at the doctor

A: No. When in doubt you should always seek medical advice. The use of SkinChange.AI can only be used for identification of skin changes. The app´s ability to find changes will highly depend on the quality of the photos.

A: You can always bring photos to a doctor’s visit. It will be up to the doctor to evaluate if it is useful.

A: Yes, you can send a link to an email of your choice. Before anybody can access your photos, you need to approve their access in your app. Until you approve their access, they cannot see your photos, even though you have sent them your link.

A: A widely used warning sign of melanoma is the ABCDE(1):
  1. A is for Asymmetry (Most melanomas are asymmetric.)
  2. B is for Border (Melanoma borders tend to be uneven and may have scalloped or notched edges.)
  3. C is for Color (Multiple colors are a warning sign.)
  4. D is for Diameter or Dark. (A mark, which is dark or just stands out compared to other marks on the skin is a warning sign)
  5. E is for Evolving. (Changes is a warning sign.)
(1)Melanoma Warning Signs and Images - The Skin Cancer Foundation

Photo session

A: Yes, in order to ensure photos of the highest quality it requires a dedicated person to take the 21 photos in a session.

A: The 21 recommended photos cover most of the body. If you want to cover it all, we recommend you take additional photos by selecting the close-up option.

AI’s analysis

A: No. The AI is trained to highlight any change it recognizes. Depending on the accuracy and quality of your photos the AI will be able to find both small and larger changes. It might even sometimes see changes, which is only shadows, relocated hair or other changes in the pixels of the photos.

A: When in doubt we recommend you to always consult medical experts.

A: Ensure the skin is evenly illuminated (Plenty of light, though no direct light, no shades, preferably only artificial light from several angles, enabling recreating of the light setting), use a newer camera and follow the guide and templates in the app.

Password/Account access

A: Yes. The app allows you to reset your password.

A: Loosing your access to both your email account and password to the app, will make it impossible for you to get access to the app and your photos. If this happens, please contact Helpdesk at info@skinchange.ai


A: Yes, during sign up, your will create a password and use your email for login. When you want to login in the future you need both your password and code send by email. You can decide not to logout between sessions on the app. If you close the app, you will need your phone pin or biometric access to open the app.

Skin Cancer in general

A: You can find more information about skin cancer on many websites. We have listed 3 of them here: